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Beersheba neighborhood featured in prestigious UN exhibition

An urban renewal project being constructed by Africa Israel, BSR, and Electra in Beersheba’s Dalet neighborhood was selected from thousands of projects around the world to appear at the World Urban Forum.

A Blue and White real estate accomplishment: An urban renewal project in Beersheba’s Dalet neighborhood currently under construction by Africa-Israel, BSR, and Electra Real Estate has been chosen to appear in a prestigious exhibition at the World Urban Forum (WUF) on the subject of urbanism.

The event, organized by United Nations, is one of the most important in the construction industry and is currently taking place in the town of Katowice, Poland to promote innovation and sustainable construction in urban projects.

Citing its reasons for displaying the project on Yaakov Avinu Street, the WUF selection committee wrote: “The project is located in one of the most important urban locations in Beersheba, bordering on the city’s main transportation artery, Ben-Gurion University, Soroka Medical Center, a planned high-tech quarter, and the train station. The plan aims to replace existing old residential buildings with high-density mixed-use buildings, the addition of more schools, expansive public spaces, trees, and

Assaf Simon, CEO of Africa-Israel Urban Renewal said: “I am proud that the project has been chosen to be a model project serving as an inspiration for senior executives in the global construction and urban renewal industries. The project that we lead are leading together with BSR and Electra corresponds directly with the essence of the forum and the reason it was founded in the first place – to find solutions for the coming years for growing urbanism. In this particular project, 130 existing apartments will be replaced with 850 new high-standard housing, alongside 20,000 square meters of offices 5,000 square meters of commercial space, and a school with 12 classrooms to serve the residents of the area. The choice of the project from among thousands of projects throughout the world shows the strength of the innovation and planning invested in it.”